Card Access

The world's view on security with regard to perimeter and building access control has changed dramatically since the tragic events of September 11. Realizing the massive damage a single act of terrorism could cause, government organizations and global corporations acknowledged an urgent need to strengthen building security systems.

Responding to a Growing Need for Perimeter and Building Security

As a one-stop shop for integrated security solutions, Functional Systems provides the platform for complete secure building access control, including designing, building, and servicing the system and training its clients. The foundation of Functional Systems solutions is its integrated security portal systems, which are controlled access environments that can be equipped with other technologies, such as visitor management and surveillance systems, biometric and security operations monitoring, metal detection, smart card readers and other value-added subsystems, to meet each individual organizations' security requirements.

With its building access control systems, and other security solutions, Functional Systems offers its clients the most recent and reliable technology offerings in the marketplace through its strong business relationships with leading companies that are established providers in the key infrastructure security markets. Functional Systems is not tied to one particular technology, and is able to offer its clients the ability to build their solutions from the myriad of innovative security technologies on the market. Functional Systems integrates, installs, maintains and updates the complete secure access solution for its customers - providing a one-stop-shop for card access solutions.

Access Control Products and Manufacturers

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