Functional Systems is a communications company that provides products to the healthcare, educational and commercial markets of the world. Our product line consists of fire alarm, security, access control, closed circuit surveillance, wireless telephone, intercom and pro sound audio systems. As a communications consultant we have assisted engineers as well as our customers by designing systems to fit their specific application.

For over thirty years Functional Systems has kept its highest level of standards on all its products as well as the personal attention needed to satisfy our customers for technical support.

Suppliers and Vendors

Functional Systems has entered into long-term partnerships and distributor agreements with many national systems manufacturers. These relationships, as well as the buying power we've developed through the volume of our purchases, allow us to provide our customers with parts at unequaled availability and reduced prices. In addition to supporting new and current model systems, our partnerships allow us to support older systems far beyond obsolescence.

Functional Systems is a distributor of the following systems:

Gamewell FCI Tektone Nurse Call Continental Instruments System Technologies Wireless Nurse Call

The above mentioned companies are registered trademarks of those companies. The companies as used herein refers to products manufactured and the services provided by those companies, and are used without their permission. Products and services offered by Functional Systems are neither provided, sponsored or authorized by these companies